Medusa Bust
Made in Italy from porcelain.
Fragment Mirror Set
Set of mirrors from Fragment Fujiwara
Andy Warhol Brillo Soap Pad Box
Originally designed by the master of Pop Art in 1964 "Brillo Soap Pad" is a decorative pouf/table with a comfy piece of modern furniture for the living- or bedroom. As an evolution of Warhol's pop art collection, these stylish accent...
Smoke Trunk and Champagne Flutes
Drink your Crystal in these Glasses. The set includes the Trunk 
Paris Jump Rope
Warhol Campbells Installation Set
This is a custom Andy Warhol installation. The iconic Cambells Soup series by the legend Andy Warhol. Inspired by the the founder of BAPE, Nigo. The installation includes: 20 Prints  20 Frames
from $149.00
Paris Football
Eiffel Surfboard
Triangle Ashtray
Polar Bear Wall Statue
Wild game polar bear statue by HM
Artist Flower Sculpture
Murakami Flower Plaque to remind you that smiling is a gift 145x145x60 cm
Multicolor Hard Breifcase
Super cool briefcase throw all your important papers in it
Monaco Briefcase
from $1,299.00
Monaco Briefcase
Custom made by us. The upgraded version of our first breifcase. No expense was looked over on this piece. Very high quality.
from $1,299.00
Kusama Pumpkin Sculpture
Kusama Pumpkin Sculpture for the spirit of modern art
Banksy Rose Throw Sculpture
Banksy Rose Throw Sculpture based on a famous graffiti piece 14inch
Astro Boy Tissue Dispenser
Astro Boy Tissue Dispenser is a cult classic that will be recognized in your home instantly. Good for your sick days and allergies
Hansen No.99 Sofa
Hansen No.99 Sofa is a sleek and timeless design. Created in the 60's, it is one of the most renowned sofa design pieces to date *Furniture may take longer to ship* Dimensions Single: H: 68cm, L:80cm, W: 70cm Double: 68cm,...
Home Relaxer Sofa
Home Relaxer Sofa is an amazing piece that is renowned by many collectors and furniture enthusiast Dimensions: H: 65cm L:160cm W: 68cm *Furniture may take longer to ship*
Paris Volleyball
République Surfboard
Paris Skateboard
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