Why You Should Be Wearing Glasses Even If You Can See


I wear prescription glasses and people constantly ask me why I don’t get contacts. Firstly, I don’t like putting things on my eyes. I’ve always had a problem putting in eye drops and I just don’t think I’d be comfortable putting in contacts every day. Secondly, and most importantly, glasses are a look! My glasses are apart of my style and I love wearing them. You definitely don’t have to have bad vision to wear glasses though. They complement outfits, jewelry, and can make you look completely different. With the right frames you can go from looking okay to fly. I rock round frames which are one of the most popular styles at the moment and I think you should have a pair. I'll show you a couple examples of rappers who look all around great with glasses on:


Here’s Quavo, member of the Migos, stunting his signature round glasses. They complement his watch, chains, and even his grill. He looks fly and I don’t know if they’re prescription, but he always has a pair on him. That’s because they’re a sole part of his style and he arguably looks better with them on. A nice pair of frames can go a long way.


Next up, Gucci Mane. I don’t always see him rocking the glasses, but when he does he looks a whole new person. Kinda like when he got out of jail and shocked the world with his slim new figure (it’s a clone)! But in all seriousness, it’s a good look for Gucci. He looks clean and sophisticated and I definitely like Gucci with the glasses more than Gucci without. Up your look with some round frames of your own today. Check out three of my favorite styles of the round frame glasses and sunglasses right now:

Vintage 90s Candy Sunglasses 

Circle Rimless Clear Glasses

Vintage Round Clear Glasses

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