Why Now is the Perfect Time to Cop Some New Jewelry


2 Chainz recently took to Instagram to announce and preview some of the music he was going to be dropping the next couple of days. "Gold all on my pinky / Gold all on my wrist / Gold all on my grill." These were some of the lines that 2 Chainz previewed on Instagram yesterday. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited to hear what he's dropping. I think the most appropriate way to celebrate is to cop some chains, rings, and grills of your own. If you're gonna be rapping along to the lyrics mentioned above, you might as well have the stuff he's mentioned. Let's look some of the best ways to accessorize with jewelry.


I love rings. I have a small collection of my own that I would love to add to. They look great, as long as you don't wear too many. My favorite fingers to wear them on are my index and middle finger, on either hand. Rings are an easy and good looking way to accessorize. I would definitely recommend that you get some if you don't have any. Here are some of my favorite styles:

Cuban Iced Out Ring

Indian Chief Ring




Bracelets and watches have always been the wave. You always hear rappers talking about what they have on their wrist and how much they spent on it too. Personally, I only wear watches but I'd love to add some bracelets to my collection soon. Check out some of my favorite styles:

Iced Out Miami Cuban Bracelet

Diamond Chain Link Bracelet 



People love grills! I personally don't own any, but I know rappers love to flex them. It seems like everyone has one and some rappers have their own unique ones like Lil Yachty pictured above. I think they look really cool, but I don't know if I have what it takes to pull one off. You just might be able to though! So cop some new jewelry to celebrate 2Chainz's new tape. Check out my favorite styles now: 

Colorful Fang Grills

Easter Pink Grills

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