What You Need to Be Prepared for Spring Break!


Spring break is approaching, unless you go to my school and just got back from spring break. But most of you are preparing spring break plans, grabbing all the spring break items you are going to need, and just getting hyped up for the fun that will ensue. I’m wishing that all of you can live it up for me and have the most fun of your lives, because I didn’t do anything for spring break. I just worked and did homework pretty much, but that’s okay, next year I’ll plan something fun. Anyways, let’s talk about some of the things that you’re going to need to survive this spring break.


Sunglasses are essential along with a bit of sunscreen and chapstick. Seriously though, where are the most popular places to travel for spring break? Places like California, Miami, Cancun, or anywhere that it’s always sunny. If it’s always sunny you’re gonna need something to block all that sunlight from beaming in your eyes. Sunglasses are and have been the perfect solution for this since Sam Foster started selling them in Atlantic City in 1929. Aty JGroupNY we really push our sunglasses, and for good reason too. They’re some of the best looking styles around and they come at good prices too. We added tons of sunglasses to our Spring Break collection just for you guys to look fly and keep the sun out your eye.

Shoulder Bags/ Fanny Packs

During spring break people obviously want to wear loose clothing because it’s hot out. One thing that I know you guys definitely don’t want to do is carry a big backpack on your back all day. I would definitely recommend carrying around a small shoulder bag or fanny pack. It’s light and convenient and it looks cool. You can carry around the small essentials that you need like your phone, wallet, and a couple of other things. We have a couple of really nice shoulder bags in stock for you guys to jump on before spring break comes. ALSO if you didn’t already know you can use the code “springbreak” for 10% off on all these dope spring break styles. So jump on these items before you get left out!

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