Top Styles From Rave Culture


The Top Rave Styles

Dance culture has always had a major influence on street wear culture. Going out with your friends and dancing to break beats and house is still a weekend ritual to many.So to pay homage, we're gonna take a look at our favorite pieces that were heavily popularized and inspired by dance culture.

The thin and sleek matrix glasses were a huge staple in the dance scene. They were heavily worn throughout the cyber era in the 90s and y2k era. Today, we still see these babies popping up in the club looking more relevant than ever before. Check them out-> Matrix Sunglasses

The Tracksuit in the club serves a purpose far beyond it's fresh and sporty look. Its breathable material kept 2 steppers and fist pumpers cooled off and dry. Seeing tracksuits like this have a nostalgic feel and will definitely give that edgy vintage look we all go for. Check it out -> Windbreaker Track Pants

Baggy Pants have definitely seen their days in the clubs. Although some of us are happy with the slim fit styles of today, some of us still crave for a little space between our legs. The baggy trousers are making a huge comeback so be cozy a cop a pair. -> Baggy Pants

The rimless candy sunglasses are so timeless and so good looking we had to add it to the list. These sunglasses were very popular among rave goers and you can't go out without seeing a pair of these being glued on someones face. Take a look at the different colors! -> Rimless Sunglasses

A revamp of the new craze, we have a slimmed down version of the clout goggles. If your in the club, you gotta show that you have a little bit of clout. So this one is for yall, make sure you keep your clout points up! Also who knows, you might just get famous off it! Check the link for-> Slim Clout Goggles

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