Top 5 Fashion Predictions For 2018


Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you are excited to kick off 2018 with some new fresh  fits and bundle yourself in some new stylish streetwear trends before letting the cold air take you and your sense of swag away. For your protection, lets take a look into this years fashion trends.

Photo: Jgroupny

Track Pants

Known for their lightweight swishy material or cotton comfort, track pants are definitely going to be a hot trend coming 2018. As of lately, the most trending track pant styles feature bright colors, wild patterns, racing stripes. The most common styles of track pants we have seen are very retro inspired and will be screaming the 90's. Jgroupny is excited to kick off the year by launching alot of these track pants into our 2018 catalog of clothing. They're available now!

 Photo:Chris Danforth

Athletic Tech Shoes

As far as we have seen, athletic shoes have leaped 100 years into future. Some having the thickest soles we have scene since light-up sketchers in the 3rd grade, retro joggers are making an advanced & chunky comeback. These shoes will definitely intimidate aliens if they try to invade our planet. They are also packed with enough confusing technology to impress a bitcoin fanatic. These shoes entail where our future is headed indeed!

Photo: Jetty

High Waisted Pants

No, not high-waisted shorts for women, but for men! These are a step in the right direction of how men can show off their physique without the need of wearing small and tight shirts. Being classy and sleek, you will not go wrong with having this piece part of your arsenal in 2018. 


Photo: Off-White

Steam Punk

Industrial fashion is making a huge comeback this year. Just looking at the off-white industrial belts in the streets make me shout in joy that steam punk is making a comeback. Even steam punk eyewear is looking fresher than ever whether they're being flexed in the streets or pieced together in a steamy cosplay outfit. This has been a long awaited trend and we are glad 2018 is welcoming it back in open arms.



Wood Frame

Since we are already on the subject of eye wear, wood framed glasses are a gift to 2018. Having your face snuggled between some trees never felt more comfortable and looked more stylish than ever before. They say nature knows best, so these are a wise choice

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