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“Straight up”, “It’s lit”, and “Yeah”. These are just some of Travis Scott’s most famous ad-libs that you can hear in about any of his songs. Besides his ad-libs, Travis has given us some of the best music in the last couple of years. He’s come together with numerous other artists as well to give us good music for good times. His latest project with Quavo, “Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho,” was only decent in my opinion but I believe his past projects more than make up for that. Before we get into his discography let’s talk about Travis himself.

Travis was born Jacques Webster on April 30th, 1992 in Houston Texas. Travis was both a produce and a rapper, and he signed his first label deal with Epic Records. He also signed with Very GOOD Beats in November of the same year to be apart of Kanye’s production team. This was because of his debut project Owl Pharaoh.

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 When he actually met Kanye he was homeless. Someone put Kanye on to Travis’ music and he flew him out to New York to meet him. Travis also dropped of college to pursue his dreams in music. Yet again, we have another case of someone dropping everything to dedicate their full attention to their dream, and it paid off. In 2014 he signed with T.I.’s label Grand Hustle. Now back to his discography. In 2013 he released his debut tape, Owl Pharaoh. In 2014 he released Days Before the Rodeo, which is when Travis started to gain some true buzz in my opinion. This was followed by his debut album, Rodeo in 2015.


This in my opinion is the best thing that Travis has ever put out. I call Rodeo a masterpiece. The production is both dark and eccentric and I can listen to that album on repeat for days. Rodeo gave us some of Travis’ most popular songs such as “3500” and “Antidote”. Personally my favorite songs off that album are, “Nightcrawler” and “Apple Pie”. Following that he gave us, Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, which I enjoyed thoroughly.

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I wouldn’t liken it to Rodeo, but I still liked it. His latest project with Quavo was just average in my opinion. Travis is a great producer and rapper. To show some respect check out this Travis tee.

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