Shut Up and Dribble?


“Shut up and dribble.” This is what was said in response to a video of Kevin Durant and LeBron talking in the Uninterrupted x Uber “Rolling With the Champion.”

He was told this by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham. He took to the recent All-Star weekend not only to enjoy himself, compete, and come out All-Star MVP, but he also responded to her comments saying he would not just shut up and dribble. He stated that his kids, their friends, his wife, and family all looked up to him and he means too much to them to just shut up about social injustice.

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He also brought up greats like Bill Russell. He mentioned in the era they played in, all they could really do was shut up and dribble. He said he owed it to them to speak, because he can. LeBron showed total apathy for her comments and pretty comfortable with continuing to do the things he’s been doing. He also didn’t even know the lady’s name and while speaking on that point one reporter said that, “Nobody knows.” So it’s settled *shrug*. LeBron has always been one to speak up when need be. He uses his platform as a NBA superstar and champion to speak up and he has every right to. LeBron should be respected. Firstly, as a basketball legend.


He’s simply an amazing player and he’s done so much for the game of basketball. He has three championships and he got one of those for his home. He is an all-around amazing player and no matter what you say, he’s most definitely in the debate for the best player of all the time. The way he impacts the court is ridiculous. No player has really done it like he has, ever. Secondly, he should be respected as a person period.

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LeBron is a true role model in every sense of that phrase. He’s an inspiration to so many people and to both people who do and don’t play basketball. The way he handles himself is professional, laid back, and friendly. He’s also one hell of a competitor. He has always been one to speak up about social issues when need be as well, which is so important. Shop some styles on JGroupNY that LeBron would wear.

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