Rap Music's Biggest Genius?



I don’t know how much y’all love Kanye, but we know for sure Kanye loves Kanye. In a Snapchat video where a kid meets Kanye at a theme park he asked him what inspired him to write that song and he just said, “I just thought about what I loved.” Kanye West is known for his narcissistic-like behaviors and tendencies. Narcissistic may be a little harsh, but I would definitely call him self-obsessed. Yes, I know that a lot of us are self-obsessed, but Kanye is definitely not afraid to admit that he’s obsessed with himself. He’s came out claiming things like TLOP being the greatest album of all time and he even has a song called, “I am a God.”


I don’t know about a God, but Kanye is definitely a rap legend. He’s given us some of the best music ever period. His producing skills are also next to none, he has an amazing ear for it, and he’s a master with sampling. My all-time favorite Kanye album would have to be “Graduation”, which released in September of 2007. I don’t exactly remember how old I was when I first listened to that album, but I remember it being on repeat throughout the whole summer. I spent that summer at my grandmother’s house down in San Diego with my younger brother. Since my grandmother was working we had to attend the YMCA Summer camp. That summer was when I really fell in love with Kanye’s music. Before that I heard songs by him obviously, but I never really listened to his music heavy until that summer. Say all the bad that you want about Kanye, but he is a musical genius. He’s also made a mark on the fashion industry as well. He obviously released his Yeezy clothing line which does sell, but I think his biggest mark would have to be the Yeezy shoes. People absolutely love Yeezy’s shoes.

Flight Club / Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Black

They line up for them, keep their phones opened on the Adidas Confirmed app literally all day and enter numerous raffles just for the chance to buy them. If it wasn’t apparent before it should be now, Kanye West has made a significant mark on both the music and fashion industries. You don’t have to respect him if you don’t want to, but respect him for what he’s done in his career because it’s truly great. Check out some of my favorite styles to respect a legend:

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