Before you read this article, I have to warn you. It may make you extremely nostalgic, only if you had a childhood of course. Today we’re going to be talking about Pokémon and specifically about Pikachu!


But before we get into Pikachu let’s just talk about Pokémon in general. So, the first episode of Pokémon aired on April 1st, 1997. So it will be 21 years in April. Which is crazy because Pokémon is actually older than me. I grew up watching the episodes whenever they were on. I loved it, the art style was intriguing and every kid talking about it in elementary school only made it more fun to watch. Then there were the Pokémon games.


I remember when I was younger and my birthday was approaching. I asked for a DS and Pokémon, and I got it. The first one I ever got and played was Pokémon Emerald and I was literally addicted to it. I remember picking the grass starter Pokémon and just playing that game every day. They had SO many games though. Pokémon Yellow, Gold, Black, Leaf Green, Fire Red, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl and so many more. I played Leaf Green as well as Diamond, but I always wanted to play more of them. I always found it intriguing how they released two versions of the next generation Pokémon game thought. They contained different Pokémon and different legendaries as well. But let’s get on to arguably the face of Pokémon, Pikachu.

Yes, the cute yellow Pokémon with red dots on his cheeks and a tail shaped like a zig zag. In the show Pikachu was Ash’s trusty Pokémon and everybody just loves Pikachu. He’s so cute but fierce in combat and I couldn’t really think of a better face for the Pokémon brand, he’s perfect. He’s also perfect on a pendant. JGroupNY has a special Pikachu pendant and it’s selling fast. It’s so nice that I’m actually thinking about ordering one for myself, either way check it out right here.

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