NYFW's Craziest Fashion Show?


“Oh my God,” was what I was saying while watching Phillip Plein’s New York Fashion Week Fashion Show. I don’t even know if calling it a fashion show is appropriate, it’s more like a fashion movie. If you haven't watched it yet, watch it right here before you even read this article. I was simply in awe after watching the fashion show that my friend put me on to. It was simply crazy. It contained performances from Migos, Rich The Kid, and Tekashi 6ix9ine.

W Magazine

There was snow, a spaceship and robots. Phillip Plein has always been known for his flashy and splashy clothes and shows, but this was totally next level. Some have estimated that he spent a whopping $10 million dollars on the fashion show alone. In an interview with BBC, he conveys that in fashion, many of the luxury brands are, “playing with the same weapons.” What he means by that is that a lot of brands use the same suppliers, and sell similar clothing. They use the same models and even have their stores on the same streets. He says the things people really want to buy into are dreams, emotions, and names.

If someone buys Phillip Plein’s clothing, they’re buying into the fashion show. If someone were to come up and ask about the shirt they were wearing, they’re likely to bring up that fashion show and how crazy it was, so what he said made a lot of sense. Also, they’re buying into his story as well. He started out designing furniture and then he ventured into fashion later on. He spent 14 years rising up to stardom and now he’s at where he’s at. People buy into unique things and people love stories and whether you liked the fashion show or not, you’ve probably heard about it (if you have even the smallest interest in fashion). Anyways, the fashion show was out of this world. If you want some out of this world styles, shop JGroupNY today.

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