Lil' Boat!


Lil’ Yachty a.k.a. Lil’ Boat is a name that everyone knows, but it surely wasn’t always that way. Lil’ Yachty came almost out of nowhere, it seemed like One Night just became this huge thing in literally one night.

Nation of Billions

I remember at track practice in 2016, I was running my warm-up laps with my friend Mark. While we were running he asked me, “Have you ever listened to Lil’ Yachty?” I was thinking to myself, “Another Lil’?” I said no, and he told me to go listen to Minnesota. I bumped the song in my car after practice and I was so confused. It sounded like a nursery rhyme over a trap beat, with this dude interchanging between singing and rapping. It was hot and I quickly started listening to the rest of what he had to offer. Whether you love him or thinks he’s just a big piece of trash, he did something new. He created his own style honestly. The whole “Bubblegum Trap” wave was honestly started by Yachty. You have to respect him for it, because it’s the innovators that end up on top, even if it’s for a short amount of time. Now he has some of the hottest features on his songs and he’s cool with some of the best names in the industry. He’s been called “corny”, “wack”, “untalented”, but it doesn’t really matter and he doesn’t really care. He’s a top 20 earning hip-hop act of 2017, being worth $11 million dollars.


 Lil’ Yachty really did it and he worked hard to put his name on the map. He moved all the way to NYC to network and work at his dream and it all paid off. Lil’ Yachty should be respected because he innovated and created his own path to success. Check out this dope Lil’ Yachty T-Shirt to show some respect to a man who truly deserves it.

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