Know This Name: Luka Sabbat


Luka Sabbat x 2017 Met Gala - Image via Fashionbeans

This 20-year-old creative has recently popped up on many of our feeds, mainly articles linking him to Kourtney Kardashian. But few know he’s been known in the inner circle of influencer's since early 2015, gaining a cult-like following in the process. People were always drawn to Luka’s unique style, so when the kid was 15 he was picked up by a modeling agency on the streets of New York, his first step towards celeb status.

Luka and His Parents - Image via Jetss

Sabbat has been surrounded by fashion all his life. Both his parents work in the industry, giving him an edge from the start. He claims he never had an interest in modeling until he got his paycheck; tons of zeros on your first check is apparently pretty convincing to a 15-year-old. He steadily rose through the ranks, being handed campaigns with the likes of Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and other big brands. Sabbat stays true to his personal style and ideology, his website defining himself as “a Creative Entrepreneur exploring all the world has to offer”. With famous friends like Virgil Abloh, Rihanna, and many others, it'd be easier to list the things he has yet to accomplish

Image via Nylon

Through Virgil, Sabbat was able to model for his Off-White brand, which sparked the desire for him in several fashion shows, clothing campaigns, and all around creative directions. At 18 years old, (ya 18 what are YOU doing) he walked in Kanye’s Yeezy S1, alongside Kylie Jenner.

Image via E! News

All around, Sabbat has evolved through several industries, wanting to be labeled as more of a creative than a model. And with the talent he has, he may just get his wish. Working through social media he has created a platform for cool, uniquely styled pieces that you can find just anywhere. His presence on the site grew exponentially since he began using the app, showcasing his neverending travels to foreign countries, multiple girlfriends, and endless photos of his streetwear style, posted for all to see. So while his name may be in headlines linking him to the Kardashian Klan, don’t be fooled, he’s been makin’ waves since he was in diapers.

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