JGroupNY x Forever 21?



Red Kimono

The story of Forever 21 is the ultimate rags to riches story. It was founded by a South Korean couple, Do Wan Chang and Jin Sook. It was originally founded under the name Fashion 21. They moved from Korea to America in 1981 and founded the company three years later in 1984. Do Won had to work a grueling three jobs to just get by once moving to Los Angeles. He worked as a janitor, a coffee shop, and a gas station clerk. It took a lot to get to the point of opening up their own retail location, but when they did… it paid handsomely. They produced around $700,000 in their first year in business and the first location is still around today. Since then it has expanded internationally to 480 locations worldwide and they generate $3 billion dollars in sales every year. Do Wan and Jin Sook are the epitome of the American Dream, and an inspiration for anyone in the fashion retailing industry. They came to America and worked hard to make a dream come true, which surely did. With all that being said, JGroupNY has the opportunity of having some of their items listed on Forever 21’s website. You should check out our items right here on Forever 21’s website. 

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