It's Time to Cop Some New Red Styles


YG just announced his next album, “Stay Dangerous”.

“BOMING SOON” was the caption he posted on Instagram under a picture of Sunset Boulevard a couple of hours earlier today. YG hasn’t released a project since 2016, and as someone who’s from California I’m pretty excited. “Still Brazy”... was pretty brazy and a total vibe for the summer of 2016. “Red Friday” was pretty good too and I enjoyed what I heard from YG, but I’m this new album that’s on the way to be dope. YG is somebody that people from Cali get to brag about, because he’s totally West Coast. The beats and the way he raps remind you of the old West Coast rap that we heard in the 90’s and it’s awesome. When I first heard YG, it literally just felt like old West Coast rap to me and I fell in love with it instantly.


I actually saw YG perform at Coachella as well, which was awesome. He performed a couple of songs, but everyone went crazy when he performed FDT or “F*ck Donald Trump”. Check the video out here. Everybody just chanted the phrase and put their middle fingers in the air, it was interesting to say the least. We all know that YG is a blood too. His last two covers of the projects he dropped were red and he has songs like “Bicken Back Being Bool” and “Bool, Balm & Bollective”. I’m not from any areas that gangs affiliate with, and I’m sure as hell not in a gang, but I like the color red. Anyways, I know when the new album drops I’m gonna be bool, and I’ll be sure to throw on some red and throw up the West Side sign a couple times while listening. Shop some of my favorite red styles now in preparation for the album:

Unusually Heavy Duty Hoody

Anarchy Y2K Track Jacket

Vintage Windbreaker Hoodie

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