Hottest Eyewear in Hip-Hop Culture



Industry rappers and hip-hop artist have been flexing some real fancy optics for years now. We will blasting to the past to the present day reviewing all of the swaggiest glasses we could find in the deepest parts of the web for your enjoyment. You don't have to thank me yet, just keep reading.

Al Pereira 

Starting we have one of the toughest men up to date, west coast rapper Eazy-E, wearing some pretty opaque lenses. Back in the day, you couldn't let other men see your eyes. It was a sign a vulnerability. If man saw your eyes he could see what you were seeing. Its a lot to explain to youngsters these days. They will never understand the struggles of the elder generation.

Here are two characters I would never order pizza with. Why? Because one of them would probably eat one slice, and the other would eat the whole pie and the box it came in. Biggie Smalls and Puffy Combs are sporting some super fly glasses here. Biggies look like they came from year 3000 and Puffy's are nice cozy and sleek fit. Even though I wouldn't eat with these two, I wouldn't hesitate to invite to cocktail party. 

Jumping into the new skool, here we have an imagine of wiz khalifa with a joint in his mouth in a room full of people. Some may say this inappropriate behavior, but with a slick pair of frames like the ones he has on, further actions are excusable. 

Michael James Murray

Oo Ya. Lil Uzi vert sporting the highly anticipated wood frame sunglasses of 2018. These sunglasses are so unbelievably stunning on Uzi. They look incredibly fancy, sleek, and all around good looking. If you ever wondered why mos women are attracted to Lil Uzi Vert, you are looking right at his hidden --->  Secret

Ben Watts

Takeoff and Quavo are also featured here wearing wood frame. Offset however, being an outkast and left off bad and boujee, took matters into his own hands wearing a stylish round pair of Hannover style sunglasses. Migos is a trio of clout when it comes to eyewear. 


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