He Doesn't Care About What Anyone Thinks, And You Shouldn't Either



Tyler, the Creator is one of the biggest artists in music today. He was once known for his dark, depressing music, where he talked about very touchy subjects. If you were to listen his music from 2010 and then listen to his music right now, you wouldn’t even think you were listening to the same artist. Getting over his depressive state definitely changed his approach to music and the subjects he talked about. His dark music is what gained him and his crew Odd Future buzz in 2011.

Mixtape Monkey

The popular songs that put him and his crew on the map were, “Orange Juice” featuring Earl Sweatshirt, “Yonkers”, and “Swag Me Out”. The reason that people were attracted to Tyler and his music was because he was doing things differently than anyone else. You really didn’t hear music like that sounded the way his did. It was also crazy to hear the edgy subjects he touched on in his music, because you just didn’t really hear those things in most of the music that you listened to. Tyler isn’t one to be afraid to be himself or to say the things that he wants to. He’s also not one to be afraid to not do the things he loves to do. Just check out the new hair style he rocked at the Grammy’s. He has leopard print in his hair.

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Wow. Just look at the Golf Wang clothing line, it’s full of eccentric styles and it definitely is unique from what you see in streetwear today. He’s definitely an inspiration to me because he’s really not concerned with what others think of him, he just does the things that he wants to do. Tyler turns heads with his music, fashion and his words and actions. I love things that are unique, things that stand out, and things that catch eyes in fashion. It’s no fun to just be basic , everyday is an opportunity to pop out. Everyday is an opportunity to wear something unique and JGroupNy has quite a few styles that will definitely turn heads. Check out some of my favorite styles that will definitely turn a head or two:

Patchwork Y2K Cargo Pants

Patchwork Color Denim Jacket

Loose Hoodie Hanging Ribbon

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