Happy Birthday RiRi!


It is Rihanna a.k.a. Bad Girl RiRi’s birthday today. Rihanna is a queen in every sense of the word. She’s royalty, she’s beautiful, and she’s a strong woman. Whenever you see Rihanna she always looks great and I’m not just talking about her natural beauty.

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I’m talking about her fashion She always has on a unique but fly outfit and she lowkey knows that she’s bad, it’s in her nickname! Rihanna has done a lot for music, fashion, and makeup/beauty. She released her Fenty Beauty line back in 2017, which was received with overwhelming praise. She created the line so that, “everyone could feel included,” and from what I’ve seen I think everyone does feel included.


Most girls I have or do talk to use Fenty and they refuse to stop talking about how great it is. Fenty Beauty brought in a whopping $72 million dollars in the first month of launch alone. That’s actually insane and you know Rihanna knew she had winner on her hands. This shows just how respected she is and how much of an inspiration she is to so many people around the world. Next up is music. Everybody knows Rihanna’s songs. She’s given us classics like: “Diamonds”, “Umbrella”, “We Found Love”, “Work”, and “Take a Bow”. I’ve never listened to Rihanna like crazy, but I’ve always liked her songs. Her last album, “ANTI” which was released in 2016, was no joke either.

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It was a strong album and I actually listened through it a couple of times. My favorite songs off that album would probably have to be, “Woo” and “Same ‘Ol Mistakes”, which was actually a cover of Tame Impala’s song, “New Person, Same ‘Ol Mistakes”. Rihanna will always be respected in the music industry, she was and is still huge and relevant today. I can not wait to hear more from her either. Lastly, fashion. As I said earlier, Rihanna is always serving looks, always popping out and looking great.


She’s started trends and all around she just knows how to dress in a way that’s going to turn tons of heads. One thing Rihanna loves to do is accessorize. As you can see she always has on bracelets and other various types of jewelry.

Take it from her, a true fashionista, accessorizing is important. Accessorize up today on JGroupNy. There’s tons of fresh bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and more to accessorize with so your outfit can pop out just a little more.

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