Eyewear Trends 2018


Our favorite rappers are wearing them and they are the coolest eye wear trend of 2018. These glasses boost your clout by tenfold easily. There is no dispute that these glasses top off the edgy rockstar look of the year.

If you wanna keep up with the 2018 hipster looks, the wood frame glasses are a great avenue to travel down. These frames radiate a natural vibe and a look absolutely stunning. Built out of natures finest, how could pass up on these ones.


Steam punk is best known for its cosplay look, but also play a huge role in streetwear fashion. Steam punk frames look classy and vintage. They are the future even though they are a blast from the past.


Everyone loves gold, that's why gold wire frames are taking a huge leap into 2018 and land between the eyes of many. With this look, you will be shining with elegance and pride. Thank the gold for that!


Nothings wrong with wild colors right? Well 2018 couldn't agree more because crazy colored frames are very popular in this years line up of styles. Bold glasses ranging from sunburst orange, hot pink, and bright red. There are nothing subtle about these ones.

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