Drake Ditching Jordan for Adidas?!


Drake has been a partner with the Jordan brand for quite some time now. They’ve released a good amount of OVO x Jordan collaboration sneakers that are highly sought after. I’m not the biggest fan of Jordans but the collabs Drake did with them looked pretty decent in my opinion. But apparently there have been rumors circulating around that Drake is unhappy with their partnership and is seeking a deal with Adidas. Wow. I love Adidas as a brand and I think they release some of the best shoes and clothing today. I can see why Drake would want to be apart of the team. He would be joining Kanye West and Pharrell. If you’ve seen anything released by either of those two, you would understand that they have a significant amount creative freedom. Pharrell’s Human Races and Kanye’s Yeezy Boosts are both unique styles that you haven’t really seen before, and they’re both representative of the creative freedoms they have.

The collaborations Drake has released with Jordan have been pretty dope thought. If we’re not going to see anymore shoes from them though, let’s look at some of the shoes and color-ways they’ve released:



Flight Club

I only own Jordan 6’s, so I’m definitely not one to know every single Jordan and what they look like off the top. Looking at these 8’s though, I don’t think the silhouette is half bad. The white with the little brown and gold decals at the bottom of the shoe looks really clean together. The OVO tag with the owl on the back is a nice touch as well. They run for about $400 on Flight Club which is a little much for me. I love the colors on these ones but I’m not a huge fan of the silhouette.




Flight Club

The Jordan 12’s silhouette is much better than the 8’s, so these already beat the 8’s in my opinion. The color palette is similar with the tans, whites and golds, but I really wish the shoe was whiter. That eggshell-ish white color on the body of the shoe doesn’t look bad in my opinion, but I do think it could be better if it was whiter. These run for a cool $1100 so I definitely don’t see these on my feet anytime soon. If I had the money, I would definitely contemplate buying them though. I could put together a really clean fit with those.




Flight Club

I have to say it, the 10’s are just ugly *shrug*. Sorry if you disagree, but you wouldn’t catch me dead and wearing these. That tan color isn’t really working for me either. They're running for about $400 on Flight Club. Yeah no, you couldn't make me buy these for $100. Not much more to say. These suck.


After reviewing some of the shoes they’ve released, I’m actually excited about a potential partnership with Adidas. I think they could potentially release some serious heat and I know I’ll definitely be copping the collaborations if this holds to be true.


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