Detroit Cartiers and Violence


Cartier glasses and frames are a very prominent accessory piece that is flexed daily on the streets of Detroit. They go by names such as Ye's, Cardis, or Sticks. However, Detroit has adopted these frames to symbolize more than just fashion. They are usually worn by successful gang member to show that they are affluent and rich. The Cartier frames have been reported to be involved in the crimes and killings in Detroit. According to Racked, between 2012 to 2016 there were 9 homicides,17 non-fatal shootings, and  2,158 robberies. 

Sean Proctor

The most prized Cartier sunglasses are the "All White Buffs." They are made from buffalo horn and they are $2,895. The whiter the frames are, the more coveted they are. It is very startling to outsiders that Detroit has allowed for a pair of glasses to be worthy enough to kill for, but it is so engrained in their culture that it is normal and a proven hierarchy. We hope the violence in Detroit can stop and we can just appreciate Cartier glasses for their eye catching swag and elegant looks. Check out some Cartier inspired frames here. 

Sean Proctor

Cartiers history dates back to the late 1800's. It was not until 1983 Cartier decided to mass produce sunglasses. The late 1980's is when they became a staple in Detroit. Some stores were able to afford a Cartier license to sell them. It was a risky move for these business owners to proceed in this only because of theft. 


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