Music Festival Survival Guide


Music festivals arecoming up and it’ll be here before you know it. All the crazy festivals are close and for all of you festival goers I just know the excitement that preludes festivals. I went to my first festival  back in 2016 and it was one of the best weekend of my life. It was exciting, fun, tiring, and just all around crazy. I’m not a master of festivals but I can tell you the bare minimum you need for festivals. There are things that I wish I had brought, so to save you that devastating feeling, I’ll let you know the things you need to survive your weekend at a festival.

Sunglasses and Shoulder Bags

As I mentioned in a previous article, sunglasses and shoulder bags are essentials for spring break festivities. Sunglasses because you want to keep the sun from blazing in your eyes and shoulder bags and fanny packs to carry small items like your phone and wallet without carrying a large backpack. I really do have to stress the importance of shoulder bags and fanny packs though. The year I went to a music festival there were a high number of cellphones stolen that year, more so than any other year. Many people go there cell phone stolen right out of their pockets and others got their phones stolen out of backpacks. Having shoulder bags and fanny packs really decreases the risks of that happening. Your bag is in front of you so if someone were to reach for the contents of your bag, you’d be able to see it. It’s also just convenient to hold small little items around without lugging around something big on your back.

Light Clothing


You obviously want to wear clothes like short sleeve tees and shorts. Bathing suits are also acceptable. Avoid black and dark clothes if you can as well, you don’t want to attract more heat to yourself when temperatures can reach upwards of 100 degrees. Also I’d recommend that you wear shoes that you don’t really mind getting dirty. People are going to be stepping on your shoes and the festival takes place on a grass field, so grass stains are easy to obtain.

Other Things

Other things I’d recommend are the basics like lots of water, chapstick, hats, and handkerchiefs to wipe yourself down. One thing I’d really recommend are earplugs. I know it sounds weird and lame but I really would invest in some. After coming out a set that was in a dome, I felt like I couldn’t hear anymore. I bought some earplugs at the festival afterwards and I had a much better experience. The music wasn’t blaring in my eyes and the music actually sounded clearer. There are actually studies showing how listening to music that loud at a prolonged time can actually damage your ears.

Have a great time if you are attending a music festival in the coming weeks. Check out our spring break collection here as well as some other styles perfect for festivals:




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