Attention All Hypebeasts!


When you hear the word "hypebeast", what is the first thing you think of? I don't know about you but the first thing I think of is Supreme. It's a staple in today's streetwear industry. Someone you know owns a piece of Supreme, and if they don't own it they surely know about it. Rappers love to wear it and high school kids use their mom's credit cards to cop it. You have to have the best sleight of hand (or a bot) to cop it as well. The thing that always upset me about Supreme was seeing someone on the internet with a dope item, but never being able to find it. If you've ever felt that way, or currently are feeling that way, you're in luck because JGroupNY has some deadstock Supreme items waiting to be purchased! Let's look at some of my favorite items:

DS Supreme Headband

Supreme has released a couple of headbands throughout the years. This year's model is almost identical to the last one they released, but it contains reflective lettering instead of the white lettering. I owned it and wore it a couple times. While it screams, "HYPEBEAST!" I still liked to rock it. That's all that really matters to be honest.  There's not much to be said about the item thought, it's a really cool piece and it can be bought right here

DS Supreme Fanny Pack

I don't know how many times I've seen people wearing this fanny pack. The fact of the matter is that it's a hot item right now and if you don't have one, you probably should. It's a great accessory to hold small items like your phone, wallet and anything else that you may have that you don't want to hold in your pockets. Cop your fanny pack right here.

Shop the rest of the stuff here

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