Artist Bio: Takashi Murakami


Some may ask,” who is this eccentric and talented artist Tekashi Murakami.” His story starts 1967 in Japan. Born to a mother involved in textiles and father who worked as a taxi driver. His parents were very strict and required him to write reviews of every art exhibition he would attend. Those reviews developed into a quick thinking and critiquing skills.

            Although growing up he had a lot of western and eastern art interest, his style is heavily influenced by early anime films and the otaku movement. A lot of his art has a very fetish like or apocalyptic feel to them that has to do with the destruction of the nuclear bomb dropped on Japan. Featuring very abstract ideas, and fusing them with pop art elements, all of Tekashi’s work is very breath-taking and hard to miss.

            In 1994 Takashi moved to New York to further his career. Feeling isolated and pressured by the New York gallery and art system, he went through a personal break through that has shaped his career into being more expressive with his Japanese culture. This is why anime plays such a big part in his art.

            Murakami’s essay, “A Theory of Super Flat Japanese Art”(2000) is highly regarded as him

Expression his distaste for the art world. His art produced through this essay was correlated with the destruction and devastation of Japans trauma after after WWII.

            Takashi’s presence in modern day pop culture is very prominent. He has become popular in different medias such as album covers, for example Kanye West Homecoming album, fashion, entertainment, and films. He has been invited to collaborate with elite designers of Louis Vuitton. Also has a collaboration with Virgil Abloh of Off-White. He is an inspiration to many because of his versatility. Redefining what an artist can be, how could you not draw inspiration from that.

            J group celebrates Murakami’s Legacy by providing a legacy pendant on the site. 

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