90s Trends We Need To Bring Back / That are Back


Just when you thought you finally escaped the 90s, the fashion comes back to bite. These are a few of our favorite 90s trends to bring back this summer.

  1. Super Small Glasses

Image via Popsugar

Our fav trend would have to be some of these tiny sunglasses. The cool kids reigned in the late 90s - early 2000s with these micro-frames. These babies are making a comeback in 2018 making everyone nostalgic.

     2. Supreme

Image via Supreme

Let’s face it, Supreme has ruled since its inception in the early 90s. From the release of their first box logo, Supreme has skyrocketed from the streets to the showrooms. Some vintage pieces now going for well over three grand.

    3.  Jordans

Image via Jordans Daily

Michael Jordan dominated the shoe game on and off the court. By winning six championships throughout the 90s he really made people believe his shoes were magic. With each new shoe released the brand skyrocketed. If you were around at that time chances are you were rockin’ a pair of Jordans.

     4. G-shocks

Image via WikiCommons

Advanced technology was the rage in the 90s, G-Shocks release only adding to the hype. If you were flexin’ this chances are you were a baller.

    5. Casio Watches

Image via The Verge

Casio Watches have a dope history that began in the 90s, being the first “smart” watches of our time. You thought Apple watches were groundbreaking? Casio is the OG.

    6. Oakleys

Image via Oakley

Way back when if you didn't have these shades you weren't anybody. Nearly everyone rocked these iconic 90s shades, sunny or not.

     7. COMME des GARÇONS

Image via ROKIT

CDG redefined fashion throughout the 90s and continues to do so today. They brought fresh, gender-bending changes to the fashion world and redefined everything we knew about style. They were able to mainstream grunge, pop-up shops, and androgynous styles… before they were cool.

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