Zyrtec for dogs: When they have dog allergies


Food is the number one culprit behind all allergies in dogs, something that owners often overlook


Did you know how important a role diet plays in managing skin conditions and diseases in dogs? Did you know you get dog food allergies but you also get dog food intolerances? Let the vet explain it to you. And our canine friends can suffer from one or both of these. Food allergies can cause digestive problems in dogs, such as vomiting and diarrhea. Harsh skin problems occur too, and even behavioral problems.  If your puppy or grown dog is having an adverse reaction to particular foods, and you are wondering about it, you should take him or her to the vet immediately. There are other reasons why a dog gets allergies, apart from food.

What are the symptoms that your dog has allergies? (Some can be mild, some can be serious)


So how does Zyrtec fit in and what is it?  

    • Well, your vet would tell you that Zyrtec is an allergy medication; combatting typical allergy symptoms in dogs. These would be like what humans experience too, such as watery, itchy eyes, sneezing, running noses, hives, and terrible itching.  
    • How Zyrtec works is that it blocks histamine which is the substance that the body produces when there are allergic reactions. Most dogs will handle this medication without too much of an issue. Fortunately, it doesn’t cause a lot of drowsiness that comes with other over-the-counter antihistamines.  
    • Have you noticed your dog scratching relentlessly during the day? Humans are often irritated by this, thinking, “My dog has fleas again!” It could be that, yes, but if the fleas aren’t the source of the scratching, your dog is highly likely suffering from an allergy issue.  


    • Zyrtec contains an active ingredient called cetirizine in it. This also treats dermatitis in dogs, where dog’s skin itches so much. For some owners of dogs, there is nothing more devastating than to watch a little puppy or bigger dog’s skin itch from an allergy condition. It sure is a huge relief to know that Zyrtec can alleviate the pain.   
    • The other great relief is that Zytrec is an all-natural remedy. Yay! And this is important because many traditional over-the-counter medications come with side effects that cause even more complications. Some can have long term effects. Zyrtec isn’t like this. However, in saying that, it needs to be noted that even though cetirizine is tolerated by dogs, and quite well too if your dog has liver or kidney problems, you need to discuss this problem with your vet.  
    • Please also take note that you must buy Zyrtec for your dog, NOT Zyrtec-D. Check the box, because there are huge differences between the two. Zyrtec-D is not for dogs as it contains pseudoephedrine which is toxic for a dog or cat and can cause irreparable damage to your pets.

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