Why Do Dogs Rub Their But on the Ground?



We don’t like to see our beloved pet’s in pain or behaving in strange ways that cause us concern. Obviously, something is not right, and when our family pet is suffering, it is important that we treat them like the member of the family they are, right? And that means taking them to the vet like we take our children to the doctor when something is not right, not so? One uncommon behavior in dogs is when they rub their butts on the ground, along with the precious carpets, or outside on the grass or wherever they can.

Why dogs scoot could be related to health issues

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Anal sac problems

Dogs do a lot of communicating with their rear ends, and it’s usually the fatty and smelly substance that is found in a dog’s anal sacs inside each side of the anus that does the “talking”. These sacs can get blocked or inflamed and can even have abscesses on. In their attempt to relieve themselves of pain and discomfort, dogs will scoot. He might lick the area or chew around that area and he might even have problems defecating. If the sacs are infected, the vet will express the sacs to clear them, and he might administer an antibiotic to treat the infection.


Fecal contamination 

When a dog suffers from diarrhea, he can end up being weak and dehydrated with a messy, uncomfortable bottom. Fecal contamination under his tail can cause him a great deal of discomfort that will cause him to scoot to get relief. The treatment might just require cleaning away the dirty area by trimming the hair, but be very careful you don’t nick your dog’s skin. Then rinse the area with clean, warm water. You need to see the vet if your dog has diarrhea for longer than a day.


A dog might have tapeworms and he will scoot because of this too. A dog gets tapeworms when he swallows worm-infested fleas. Look around your dog’s anus and you will see tiny little segments that look a bit like rice around his anus. They need to be treated though, and the vet will give him a dose of injectable or oral medication. Sometimes garlic is recommended as a natural remedy, but you need to check with your vet about this because garlic can be toxic for a pet as well. And you will need to control the fleas if you don’t’ want the tapeworms to come back which the vet will advise you about.

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