Why Do Dogs Bury Their Bones?



Have you ever gone outside to discover a scene that looks like it is straight out of a comic with crater holes everywhere? Well then you may have a dog that is a digger and this is most likely the result of them burying their bones and other treats. In this article we are going to answer the age old question “why do dogs bury bones” and help you deal with any particularly pesky buriers you may have.

To truly understand why dogs bury we must first take a look at their wild ancestors for cues. Obviously, they weren't hiding tv remotes in couch cushions but the behaviors can still help us understand.

Great Dane Carrying A Bone

The universal idea as to why dogs do in fact have this instinct to bury is due to their ancestors who were originally wild dogs and wolves. These animals would hunt their food and eat as much as they could for the sole reason that they do not know when their next meal might be. Once they eat as much as they can they would then take the leftover scraps and bury them. Though there is some debate on the official reasoning experts believe they would do this to preserve their food keeping it safe and protected from other predators or the natural elements which allows it to be fresher longer in the cool dirt.

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Now we know where the burying comes from but how does this then translate to domestic dogs burying items. This habit is just a part of a dog's natural instinct nowadays and is a large part of where this behavior stems is from the feeling of security it brings. The main difference is that instead of burying food your dog may be burying toys or treats all over the back yard or in the house.


Often times this is seen more in dogs who come from hunting breeds and the top culprit is the dachshund due to their nature to hunt badgers in their holes. Another factor that has an increased burying rate is if multiple dogs live in one household. Oftentimes these dogs will hide treats and their favorite toys around the house and yard so the other dogs can't steal them.

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