Who was Patrick Louis Vuitton?


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Patrick-Louis Vuitton, head of special orders and fifth generation descendant of the Vuitton family, has passed away. The news was announced on Louis Vuitton’s Instagram earlier today.

Patrick-Louis joined the company in 1973, starting out as a carpenter craftsman. A reluctant entry to the family business first, he told Vogue Arabia that he originally wanted to be a veterinarian. He said in the same interview “My grandparents insisted that I continue in the family business. I always told my grandfather, ‘No.’”

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He eventually relented after his grandfather Gaston-Louis Vuitton passed away in 1970 and he was asked by Gaston-Louis’s wife to help out. His craftsman beginnings at the company soon led to overseeing the around 300 special orders that the Louis Vuitton house received each year.

Patrick-Louis is survived by his sons Pierre-Louis and Benoît-Louis, as well as his extended family and grandchildren.

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