Where to find Training for Guide Dogs


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Dogs are intelligent animals whose instinctive versatility fit well into a variety of roles. They are and have been valued police officer partners, treasured family members, best friends and irreplaceable helpers to those with special needs. Canines trained as guide dogs have helped visually impaired people maintain their independence and normalcy for decades. If you have a desire to help others regain their sense of self and you have a special pup who you know will make the ideal guide dog, finding a place to get the training they need is the next step in your journey. If you have a visual impairment and wish your own dog could be your special guide, guide dog training for your canine comrade could become a special experience for you both.


Where to Next?

The internet is a valuable resource for those striving to make a difference. The National Association of Guide Dog Users provides a contact list of guide dog training facilities nearby. It's the ideal resource for eager owners who want to start their pup on a career towards helping others. Sorted by country a simple click on a specific location link will give you access to helpful lists and locations of training programs available in your area.


Guide Dogs of America is another organization that trains guide dogs for the impaired and continues to give useful instruction to those with disabilities. They have breeding, puppy-raising and guide dog programs centered on the various stages of training a pup will experience to become the perfect guide dog. Below is a list of links to some of the various websites you can go to, to find out more about guide dog training options and easily-accessible programs:

With around 10,000 guide dog teams working in the United States alone, guide dogs continue to be the driving force towards garnering independence for those who are physically impaired. A quality guide dog is worth their weight in gold, and when they have a few of the characteristics below they are a priceless asset to those who lean on them for guidance:

  • confidence
  • calm disposition
  • does bidding easily
  • good problem-solving skills
  • displays intelligent disobedience (specifically when their partner's life is at stake)


Guide dogs provide options for those who may not have many. Find the perfect training program for your quality pup and you will undoubtedly positively impact lives!


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