What To Look For In A Dog Park


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The benefits of taking your canine companion to a dog park are boundless. Not only will your pooch get all the exercise they need and more, but they’ll also make new friends – and you might even have a chinwag too!

Letting your dog off the leash in a safe and secure area is fantastic for their mental and physical development. They’ll run themselves ragged chasing a ball, their tail, or even each other. You can even make a day of it with your dog owner pals and tuck into a picnic while your dogs play.

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What is a dog park?

A dog park is a designated fenced area suitable for dogs to play off the leash. This area will be very clearly signposted and is separate to a children’s park or picnic area. A quick Google will show dog parks in your area.


What should you expect from a dog park?

Depending on what day and time you go to the dog park, you can expect different things. At first, try and take your dog to the park when it’s quieter – during a working day or later in the evening is a good idea. Weekends and holidays will be very busy, especially if the sun is shining!

Only you can know how your dog will behave at the dog park, so be smart when deciding when to go (and when to leave). If your dog is getting tired, take them home – they can always come back another time. Better to be safe than sorry.

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What should you look for in a new dog park?

A dog park is a fantastic place to socialize your pup, especially if they are the only dog in your household and love to play! Not every dog park is the same, so be aware of the following necessities every dog park should have before letting Fido off the leash.

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