What To Know About Dog Agility Training


What To Know About Dog Agility Training


You’ve likely seen dogs darting through agility courses in dog shows. Perfectly navigating every obstacle as they go! Show dogs often seem as well trained as police dogs. Dog agility isn’t just for pets who want to compete. It can also give your dog a great physical and mental workout! A good agility course can help you and your dog bond while letting them have a bit of fun.


Getting Started

Whether you’re getting your dog started for a career in dog shows or just trying to keep them fit, a dog agility course can be a great choice for you. You don’t have to purchase an adventure playground’s worth of equipment to get started though. There are some homemade alternatives that will suffice for keeping a dog fit.

Getting started with dog agility equipment can be daunting. You need to arrange an entire course and try to get your dog to learn to move around it. If you think your dog will benefit from an agility course, you can start small at first to make it easier.

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How to Select Dog Agility Equipment?

When you’re ready to get started with dog agility, you need to find some equipment. There is one big choice to make, whether you should purchase a course or try to build your own.

Long haired spaniel running over a dog balance ramp with its tongue out

Regulation equipment is going to cost quite a bit more but it is easier than making your own. If you’re really serious and committed to dog agility, then regulation pieces might be a good fit for you.

If you’re just getting started or testing the waters, then homemade is the way to go. If you're only doing dog agility to keep your dog's body and mind fit, then a homemade course should provide what you need.


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