The $5000 Toy: The Kaws Companion


In this day and age, for Hypebeasts, no longer are the idols Dali or Rembrandt, The people want a Joe KAWS, or a Limited Edition Murakami Print. Specifically, though, the hype isn't even around art: They want the toys. So much so in fact that Drake has two of them worth an estimated value of $150,000 in his home entranceway and Alec Monopoly spent a quarter of a million dollars getting one to his Puerto Rico mansion. But Where did it start? The Companion has actually been around for decades, being originally release in 1999 as a toy created by Japanese brand Bounty Hunter. Even over twenty years ago, the limited edition of 500 pieces sold out immediately, setting a precedent for what was to come. The Scale grew in every sense of the word, from prices skyrocketing to the 6 figure range at auction to 10 foot statue installations in art museums, the companion was taking over the world.

Nowadays, Joe Kaws has immortalized the companion character in thousands of pieces of art both 2D and 3D, but the companion has also made some of it's own: Kaws has been able to collaborate with top brands like Dior, Nike, Air Jordan, and Chrome Hearts to produce hyper-limited pieces. With the World Tour of his 15 foot statue just concluding a few months ago, be sure to keep an eye out for what Joe Kaws will do to shock the world next. Amazing partnerships aside, Joe Kaws and his Companion have been the face and the center of the Kaws Brand, with the infamous X X having the power to turn even Uniqlo T-shirts into a sold-out item in minutes, or have full-grown adults waiting in line to spend hundreds on stuffed animals. 


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