Nigos House Is A Collectors DREAM!


In November, Street Fashion company Bape opened the doors to it's former owner's (Nigo) house to the public to showcase an exhibition celebrating the 20th anniversary of the company.

Also Each Photo Is Hyperlinked to a Product You Would Find In Nigos Home!!!

Located just a 2 minute walk from our office, we couldn't help but go and take a look.

'NOWHERE and A Bathing Ape present “BAPELAND,” an exhibition held in NIGO‘s former home and studio in Tokyo. Considered the heart and soul of the brand, NIGO’s former studio served as a repository for the vast trove pop-culture pieces the designer has accrued throughout his life. For the brand’s 20th anniversary, it has decided to open up the studio to let fans get a closer look at this treasure chest of good. The exhibition includes iconic BAPE pieces, cars, furniture, art, jewellery and much more.'

The exhibit was a fascinating look at how the company which stated as a tiny shop in Harajuku managed to become a global heavyweight on the sale of limited edition shoes and t-shirts and included ...

A big part of the charm and aura of the Bape brand derived from its founder and Teriyaki Boyz member Nigo. Even if he’s not that much of a talker there is something about his personality that catches on to you and if it’s not that, there is still his keen sense of style. Many claims that Bape is dead and they’re completely right about this in terms of creativity, but there is still so much to love about the brand.

Even if it’s just about everything that A Bathing Ape once was. I’ve been interested in Nigo for quite some time now and already own the book Atelier by Nigo which shows a big part of his collection and former house, which was now used by NOWHERE to host this special exhibition. If you are interested how it looked like a couple of years ago when Nigo was still designing Bape and dressed like a true Hip Hop Boy, watch this two-part video on youtube: Larger Than Lifestyle Part 1, Part 2. He shows his “warehouse”, a penthouse in Roppongi, as well. The place where he stores parts of his several collections and likes to work.

I didn’t know that Nigo sold his house to the I.T. group as well but he obviously did so. Would be interesting to read some more details about this deal especially considering that there is a very valuable collection of toys, art and everything else stored in this house. For the 20th anniversary of A Bathing Ape, the Nowhere group transformed Nigo’s former crib into a Bape museum. Not much work to be done except keeping everything safe for a public opening. If you’re around in Tokyo you definitely shouldn’t miss this. No matter if you’re a Bape-fanboy or not.

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