Lil Pump Is A Harvard Dropout?!?


Lil Pump Is Smarter Than You

Its hard to say for some reason, but the dude who shouts "ESKETIT" and consumes massive amounts of brain numbing drugs, is actually smarter than most of us. He is actually a Harvard dropout which is pretty crazy to think about. Lil Pump's high school gpa is a 4.0, or even scarier thought, he has a better resume than me. Well I'm going to fill you in on a big secret on why Harvard allowed him to attend Harvard.

I got in contact with Catherine, one of Harvard's board of administration members. She told us that Lil Pumps admission into Harvard actually had nothing to do with his GPA or set of skills. "It was actually a calculation of clout points," said Catherine,"Lil Pumps points were exceedingly high! We could not possibly could not deny his access to our institution or we would be considered 'hatin' on him". I was surprised to hear this because I stress the importance of clout points everyday. It is great that this university added this form of qualification to student applications. We commend Harvard for being ahead of their time and allowing more students to express their intellect in different ways. We hope more colleges adopt this method soon.

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