Is Dairy Safe for My Dog?


Is Dairy Safe for My Dog?

Did you know that the majority of dogs are lactose intolerant? Some dogs can tolerate dairy well, but the vast majority are lactose intolerant. Some dogs also suffer from dairy allergy. Here's what you should know about giving your dog dairy.


Lactose Intolerance

Dogs that are lactose intolerant may have gas, bloating, or diarrhea after eating dairy. This is because the body requires the enzyme lactase to break down the lactose found in dairy products.

There are products you can safely give to your dog if they are truly lactose intolerant. Cheese contains considerably less lactase than milk, so it is considered safe for dogs with lactose intolerance. While some recommend avoiding dairy altogether, others say cheese can be a healthy snack for many dogs. Lactose-free milk is another option for your lactose intolerant pet. The lactose is already broken down, so it shouldn't cause your dog any problems.

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Dairy Allergy

A true dairy allergy differs greatly from lactose intolerance. A dairy allergy will cause skin problems and many times ear infections as well. Constant licking, scratching, hot spots, hair loss, and skin infections. Chronic ear infections are another sign your dog may have a dairy allergy.


Is dairy safe for your dog? The answer depends on how your dog tolerates dairy, the product you are giving him, and why you are giving it to them. If you suspect that your furry friend has either lactose intolerance or allergies to dairy, it is always best to consult your vet to see what steps to take next!

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