How to Train Cat to Wear Clothes


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If you know cats, you know just how much they hate doing things you want them to do---like brushing their fur, trimming their nails, feeding them medicine, bathing them, etc.

So, it is safe to assume that you’ll meet with some resistance when putting a costume on your kitty.

Don’t worry though!

In this blog, I will share how you can safely put a costume on your cat without getting scratched or getting your cat angry at you. 



Most cat breeds don’t really need sweaters during winters but, there are some exceptions.

  • Hairless cat breeds like the Sphynx need a sweater during the cold as they don’t have fur to protect them from the cold winter. So, it is essential for them to wear a sweater to feel comfortable
  • Cats that have been shaved for surgery also need a sweater in the winter months to keep them off---especially if they’ve had a large area shaved off

Other indoor cats don’t need a lot of protection because their fur protects them from the cold winter.



The first thing you need to keep in mind is to get a sweater which is neither too loose nor too tight as they can be uncomfortable for your kitty, which will definitely get your cat angry.

You need something that fits snugly.

A fitted sweater or costume is the best as it ensures that your cat won’t want to get out of it as she won’t mind it at all.

Cats don’t like wearing any type of clothing.

So, you need to go slow and first try to put your kitty’s head in the sweater. If your cat resists, don’t force it! Instead, just stop and try again at a better time when your cat is in a good mood.

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If you force it, your cat will definitely hate it, and you’ll probably end up hurt.

It’s better to let your cat take her time and make up her mind. When your cat tolerates the sweater, she’ll still need some time to get used to wearing it. You should only put it on for a few minutes initially and gradually increase the duration and ensure that your kitty stays relaxed.

One of the best ways to get your kitty to adjust to the sweater is by playing with the cat while she’s wearing the sweater. When cats are playing, they are in a confident mood state and they get comfortable in the sweater.

Finally, it is not a good idea to leave your cat unsupervised in a sweater or a costume.


It is extremely important for you to put a sweater on your hairless or shaved cats during the winters. Cats normally have a higher body temperature than humans. This also means that they get cold rather easily. 

So, you need to protect them come winter. 

As you may already know, cats don't really like to wear things such as costumes and sweaters---no matter how adorable they look in them.

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