How to Live With a Dog In An Apartment


City and apartment dwellers sometimes lack the luxury of having a yard which can come at a premium in some places. However, this does not necessary mean that your pet can’t enjoy the outdoors and exercise.

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Choose a well-suited breed

It is always essential to choose a pet that is properly suited to living in smaller homes. Some high energy dogs require a large yard to expend their energy and lack of it may result in damage to the home which will leave both you and your dog frustrated. Small dogs don’t require much energy but if you already own an energetic dog, then the next point will help you.


Take your dogs out for exercise

This is a fun activity you can indulge in with your pet and it is a sufficient excuse to go out and explore the surroundings. It is always good to take your dog out for a walk at least 2-3 times a day and their length depends on the energy of the dog. 

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Visit the dog park often

Research your town and surrounding area and see if it has an indoor or outdoor dog park, then take advantage of that since it is a great way of simply letting your dog loose for them to lay and socialize with other dogs. This will not only help in exercising the dog but you will notice an overall improvement in the dog’s mood.

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Bring the outdoors inside

Many dogs love playing with many items such as toys, giving your dog a play area will help them especially in those winter days when you are not fond of going outside.

In short, you can always enjoy the companionship and love that comes with owning a dog even when living in a more confined space. 

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