How to go Trick Or Treating With Pet


It’s the time for spooky celebrations, pumpkin carving, cider, and, trick-or-treating! Love it or hate it, soon you'll either have your neighborhood haunted by children, or you'll be making the night-time trek right along with them. Because Halloween traditions are so fun and family-friendly, we think the WHOLE family should be able to attend, and that means family members on two legs and four legs.

To bring your pet on the door-to-door candy mission, it's going to take planning, patience, and definitely coordinating costumes. Here are some tips for trick-or-treating with your pup.

1. Bring the Necessities.

If you're going to take your dog out for the whole night, bring the usual: water, snacks, and toys just as you would for a child. Walking all around the neighborhood is a long way for your dog, and he needs to keep his strength up to have a good time. Always be prepared. You never know what mischief dogs can get into on a Halloween night!

2. Have an Escape Plan.

Humans have to remember that pups and kittens have a short attention span. We may be able to go to every house on the block, but halfway through the night, your pet could be ready to go home. Have a plan for when your pup may need to stop. It may be setting a checkpoint where you take your dog home.

3. Beg for the Right Treats.

Dogs can't have chocolate or sugar, and those two things are everywhere on Halloween night. When diving into their candy, ask kids to throw their leftovers away in a safe place out of reach of your furry friends. Remind kids to never share their candy with pets, even if they beg (not that they would want to share anyway). To make it fun for your pet, you can always bring their treats along to make sure they trick-or-treat responsibly. Some houses may even offer dog-friendly treats for furry trick-or-treaters!

4. Make Sure Your Sidekick Has Awesome Duds.

Your pet needs to dress the part on Halloween night. As man’s best friend, dogs are perfect for a Halloween sidekick costume

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