How to Cure A Dogs Boredoms


If your dog is acting bored, then it is easily remedied. These dog boredom busters will give your dog some much-needed stimulation.


Change Up Your Exercise Routine

The same old walk every day can get boring for everyone. Try taking a different route to give your dog some new experiences. You could even try taking them out at different times of the day. When on the walk, try out new ways to exercise, like playing fetch or having a swim. This will give your dog plenty of new stimulation to keep them entertained.


Check-in With Your Dog Virtually

If your dog has to spend time at home alone, there are a few high tech solutions you can use to keep them entertained throughout the day. You can use a webcam set-up to check in on your dog using a virtual tool. This lets your dog see and hear you. While it isn’t as fun as an actual visit, your dog should recognize your voice and this will provide some stimulation when home alone.


Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek can be a really fun game for a dog. It gives them stimulation and also allows you to reinforce some of their training. Have your dog assume the sit or stay position, show them a treat they’d like, and then hide it out of view. Then give your dog the command to go and find their treat. They’ll enjoy the hunt and tracing the smell. You can also play hide and seek with you as the target! Hiding and calling your dog to find you.

This way of giving your dog a treat is much more fun, it should brighten up a dull day.

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