How To Build A Great Relationship With Your Dog


Say what you mean & mean what you say

Honestly, this is great advice for interacting with ANY species (human and animal alike). Always think about the message you are sending with, yes, the literal words you use, but also your tone and nonverbal cues as well. (I can still hear my mother precisely saying, “It’s not what you said, it was how you said it,” but how true those words really are).


Feed them with LOVE

Emotionally, know when to give physical positive reinforcement. Dogs are just like humans in that they need touch and interaction to feel loved and secure. To fully bond with your pet you need to make sure that their emotional tank is full each day! Each dog is different in this way. You have to get to know what is best for you and your dog, some animals are cuddlers that won’t leave your side, others just like to sit in the same room as you.

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Learn more about your pooch!

It is amazing how much easier training and life is after you start getting clues about your dog’s cues, behaviors, likes, and dislikes. Try to pay attention to physical tells in his or her stance, posture, ears and tail in all types of situations! Then use those tells to help you communicate and deal with your pet appropriately, if they are scared than comfort them. If something is starting to stress your dog out, try to mediate the issue or remove the stressful thing from the dog's environment. Not only will this build trust, but also everyone will feel better in the long run.


Is he food driven? Well, try some Tricky Trainers...even further than that, what is his favorite flavor? Meaty kind of guy? Or does he love cheddar? Did you also know that there are chewy or crunchy varieties?...SitStay is the treat headquarters, and we also have a huge selection of single ingredient chews that will satisfy any unique taste! This may sound a little excessive, but pets have treat preferences just like we do. Knowing what really excites your pet will be extremely useful when you want to motivate your pet to listen to you or just reward them for being such a good dog!

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