Homeless Gift Guide: Drip out Your Penthouse

Holiday season is closing in. Drip out your penthouse today! Here at homeless we have everything you need to transform your basic-bitch apartment into a hype beast's wet dream. Our team talked, and below are our personal top 10 picks for the best gifts we reccomend 

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#10 Chanel Bath Mat.

Starting off we have a classic statement piece. upgrade any bathroom or room instantly with this plush luxurious bathmat. It also includes a rubberized bottom to avoid it toosie sliding all over your floor.

#9 Takashki Murakami Flower Pillows

Available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, these high quality and super soft flower pillows are the essence of Murakami and can level up any Bedroom or couch instantly

#8 KAWS Toy Collection

Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and poses, Joe Kaws's "Companion" collection is world renowned. Have one on your desk to greet friends, or posed in the kitchen as a decoration. There's a companion for everyone

#7 Chanel Neon Lamp

A perfect addition to any room in the house, this neon lamp shines the infamous Chanel Double C in a beautiful Pink, check it out below

#6 Louis Vuitton x Supreme Denim Beanbag

The gorgeous and exclusive LV x Supreme denim that we all know, love, and have envied is now available in a new form. Made exclusively for Homeless Penthouse, this comfy beanbag and pillow set is sure to turn heads and make your friends jealous. It also comes with a free throw pillow


#5 Chanel Ashtray

Simple, Elegant, Affordable. One of our top sellers, this ashtray is made of high quality ceramic and is sure to elevate your next smoke sesh. Even for non smokers, it's the perfect piece to leave on the counter to toss your keys or empty your pockets


#4 Goyard Trunk Set

Inspired by the incredible French craftsman, this set of not one, not two but 5 custom trunks in different color ways and sizes is sure to give you the most hype and luxurious storage system possible.

#3 Koons Collection  

Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and poses, Jeff Koons "Inflatable" collection is world renowned. Have one on your desk to greet friends, posed in the kitchen as a decoration, or even one in the bathroom using it right alone with you There's a sculpture for everyone and every him

#2 Chrome Hearts Beanbag

For those who aren't the biggest fan of the LV x Supreme collaboration, this will surely fall into grail territory. Crafted into the same cozy in-home beanbag as the Louis Vuitton denim, this beanbag is made of high-quality black leather and adorned with a multitude of rainbow crosses, in classic Chrome Hearts Fashion.

#1 Off-White "Keep Off" Rug

You guys asked for it, we got it. The world famous collaboration between Virgil Abloh and Ikea, this area rug is a true statement piece and becomes the focus of any room. It is also available in 3 different sizes to fit any penthouse

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