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Giving the perfect VDAY Gift

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, are you all set for your "superficial partner"? The feeling of love is in the air, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, roses, and candies have replaced evergreens, weeping white spruces and Christmas wrappers. This season introduces a bizarre moment to show your "superficial partner" just how much you care. And what better way to show it than with a token of appreciation? Gifts are one of the five love languages, after all. We've collected an assortment of ideas across various price points, so here it goes:

100 VALENTINES ROSES & 8 PC GODIVA CHOCOLATES. A classic expression of love, here's an incredible bouquet of exquisitely large, long-stemmed red roses with robust fragrance and crimson red color for a lasting impression. Presented in a signature gift box packaged with the official chocolatier of Belgium's Royal Court, Godiva's Gold edition Chocolates. 

TIFANYY VALENTINE'S SPECIAL. A gift from everyone's favorite luxurious jewelry brand is always appreciated. And as the saying goes "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" – and never more so than on Valentine's Day. Across the country, many are hoping to get a sparkly gift from their Valentine love in the form of rings, bracelets and necklaces. Look no further than's newest designs, crafted with a distinctive motif, check out their website for more info. 

VENUS MON AMOUR - BOX OF 18 MACARONS. An assortment of melt-in-your-mouth macarons that will satisfy any sweet tooth! Valentine-printed macaron in Passion Fruit, Rose, and Chocolate flavours, packaged in an elegant Ladurée box. Prepared by the most famous French luxury bakery and sweets company founded in 1862, Ladurée offers the best macarons and other delicacies. 

ROSE BEAR. Give an over-the-top expression of your love, good taste and sense of true luxury, a gigantic bear covered in 600-650 red everlasting roses that comes in 3 feet tall. 

LUXURIOUS BAG. A benchmark for luxury, here's your chance to show your love that stands a test of time, Including 2 rolled natural leather deals with, a spin secure closure accentuated by silver-tone palladium equipment, safety feet at the base and available to expose a roomy, coordinating goatskin-lined indoor, with a broad interior sleeve and zip-pocket area for all everyday fundamentals.

SPEEDY VASE. Make a statement with shophomeless' Speedy Vase. Create the perfect decor piece to bring an accent to your Valentine's Day with a batch of fresh flowers. Hand-crafted by Olivia, that has formerly launched a glamorous container hat and sneaker-shaped blossom pots, the most recent launch utilizes a mold and mildew produced from a genuine handbag from the mid-90s. The trademark monogram branding is etched throughout with information such as the deal with and stitches replicating the real bag.

FLOWER TRUNK. Flower Trunk Modeled after a monogram canvas 'Cabin' trunk and made with steel locks, natural leather deals with, wood slats and compound natural leather bindings. Initially provided as presents to faithful clients as a thanks provide, the trunks would certainly have held either fresh blossoms or a blooming grow within a zinc lining. It was meant that after the grow withers the proprietor might have the trunk changed into a stitching box, jewelry box or cigarette situation.

MERECEDES-BENZ G63 AMG. What better way to surprise your superficial partner than with a brand new luxury car? Why not go for the most expensive and extraordinary model for Valentine's Day? Here's A custom ordered G63 with manufactured dark Olive Green Magno (Green Olive Matte). With 577 handcrafted horses, the AMG G 63 is a tale increased to a greater power for a brand-new age. Progressed high-end, unwavering self-confidence, and comprehensive individualization.

AESOP'S ARRIVAL SET. Something to pamper yourself or your superficial partner, Aesop Hair and Body care staples to help revive weary traveler's at journey's end and beyond, providing gentle, aromatic cleansing and hydration. Here's a handy quartet for avid explorers. Four Hair and Body Care staples to help refresh self and senses after hours spent in transit—a perfect ensemble for frequent travelers.

LOVE RING. How far would you go for love? An 18 karat gold ring seems to be a great option when you are aiming for the most expensive present. Here's an iconic symbol of love that transgresses convention. An elegant piece as a timeless tribute to passionate romance. 

LIMITED EDITION ROSES CANDLE AND CANDLE HOLDER SET. Something to evoke the feelings of pleasure, calm and romance. Light it up with this iconic roses scented candles and candle glass. Opening the gateway of dyptiques, embrace the symbol of the Maison's creative freedom and let the juxtaposition of ovals and lines dance and flicker a flame before your eyes. 

POPEYE'S CHICKEN, WINGS, AND FRIES. There's no love sincerer than the love for food, If you're looking for another dinner option for dates or hitting it solo, Popeye has got your back (and your wallet too) with all the fried chicken, wings, and fries that your heart could desire. 

LUXURY WATCHES. Your superficial partner might not need to keep tabs on the time lately, but a watch serves as a timeless accessory and great gift nevertheless. offers several luxury watches perfect for a Valentine's Day gift.


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