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Gift Ideas for Design Enthusiasts

There are few times in a year where we just love to surprise our friends with presents; if you're looking for some creative gifts for a creative, we've compiled an ultimate gift-guide just for you! 

Jigsaw Puzzle. A perfect puzzle for Snoopy lovers and Contemporary Arts enthusiasts. This fun and challenging colorful 1000 piece puzzle was designed to celebrate Contemporary Arts in the Age of Loneliness 2019 exhibition at the NGV in Melbourne, Australia. The artist is a world-renowned American artist and designer whose work includes repeated use of figurative characters and motifs. Some of his characters are his own creations, while others are reworked versions of existing icons, such as the beloved Snoopy. His work is characterized by emphasizing color and line, as represented in the Stay Steady puzzle. 

Bone Blue Pillow. This pillow was designed by Mogollon whose work has been featured on Vogue Japan and at the frontage of a Seoul Mall in South Korea.

UltraF Mirror/Lamp. Its devious style insinuates long wavy hair, it belongs to the Mobili Grigi series of complete bedroom and living room furnishings designed by Ettore Sottsass for Poltronova in 1970. 

Elephant Chair. A toy elephant made of plywood in 1945; however, this piece never went into production. One prototype was shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1946 and still survives today's Eames family archives. To commemorate its 75th anniversary, Vitra is launching a special series limited to 999 pieces, each of which has a special numbered label.

Pumpkin Sculpture. Through visually sensational means the artist presents a universally familiar form. Her love for pumpkin art has significantly shaped her practice for over 70 years. Discover and collect art from her iconic pop pumpkin series, with astounding bold color palettes, polka dots, and organic forms.

Mondri Vase. Designed with three different chambers, it is a minimalist aesthetic centered in basic geometric forms and primary colors. The Mondri vase is a homage to the Netherlands-based De Stijl art movement.The shapes and colors of this versatile vase clearly reference Piet Mondrian's work, one of the founding members of the movement.

Medusa Bust. Sculpture affixes another dimension to our homes that appends the architecture and draws new corporealities and textures into a room. For an overall statement of personal taste, here's a Roman copy after a 5th-century BC Greek original by Phidias, set on Athena Parthenos' shield.


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