FW 2020 trends before they hit Runway


Earlier this month at London Fashion Week: Men’s FW20 we saw dozens of designers offer up their interpretation of this season’s biggest upcoming trends. Martine Rose celebrated leather with her selection of pants and thigh-high heeled boots, while the likes of Paria Farzaneh and Ahluwalia Studio showed us how to pull off big, bold prints.

Back in December 2019, Dior tapped Shawn Stussy for a collaboration that introduced leather and snakeskin prints, while New York-based label KOZABURO took to Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo to show off pearl necklaces and an updated take on bondage gear with its intriguing selection of belts.

As a whole, the fashion industry is changing. Emerging names such as Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, Art School and Kiko Kostadinov brought skirts, dresses and tights to the forefront of their shows, encouraging androgyny while breaking down gender stereotypes. It’s not just the fashion world that is changing, but the world around us and its attitudes, too. As a result, pioneers are paving the way for a more adventurous wardrobe — Louis Vuitton’s pleated skirts and Raf Simons’ graphic dresses being just another example. 

Runway shows are the birthplace for trends. But how do we take these looks and apply them to our daily fit, no matter how adventurous they may seem? HYPEBEAST has compiled a list of this season’s seven best trends and just how to wear them — before the rest join you in envy.

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