Everything You Need For A New Puppy


Bringing home a new puppy is a really exciting time. It is easy to get swept away playing with your new dog, especially if it is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. To make sure your new pup’s first few weeks go as smoothly as possible, it helps to have these puppy essentials sorted before you bring them home. These are the things you need to ensure your puppy’s new home is all set up for them.

Dog Chew Toys

Some pet owners go straight for the cutesiest baby-looking toys in the store, waiting to give them to their brand new puppy to cherish. Then, the puppy rips it to pieces in a few minutes and wants to play tug of war with the remaining scraps.

Puppies play rough, especially when they’re teething. A good chew toy gives your destructive little puppy something to constructive to bite. Chew toys are a puppy essential for redirecting their energy and soothing teething pain. A puppy with plenty of chew toys around won't have to chew on your phone changer for some relief, they've got a better-tasting bone to be working on. These come in all sorts of fun flavors that your dog will enjoy.


Puppy Collar

A collar is an essential item for new puppies if you want a smooth experience when they’re ready for their first walk. They also look pretty cute, which is a bonus.

You can use a collar to ease your puppy into the sensation of being on a leash. A good collar should be adjustable to accommodate your puppy’s rapidly changing size. A good puppy collar should keep them in style from a young pup until they're fully grown.


A fresh puppy can’t go outside until it has finished its inoculations. However, once it becomes safe to take them out they’ll be pretty keen to start seeing the world. You will need a leash to use both collars and harnesses.

You might have dreamt that your puppy will be such a good walker that a leash won’t be necessary. However, young dogs are naturally excitable and a leash is usually a legal requirement as well as a puppy essential. A good leash should stop your puppy from pulling too much on a walk and help them develop good manners on their daily trips.

Dog Bowls

A dog bowl is an absolute puppy essential unless you were planning on feeding them off the floor or cupping water into your hands!

These come in all sorts of varieties ranging from plastic, porcelain, metal, or even some hand-crafted options. You want a bowl that is small enough for your puppy to drink out of instead of swim in. Equally, it should be something this isn't likely to get destroyed by over-enthusiastic eating!

If you’re considering using araw or natural diet for your dog, you need to make sure it is a bowl you can keep sanitary too. Picking a dog bowl for your new puppy is more important than just picking one in your favorite color.

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