Cute Necklace Trends for Girls


We all love cute necklaces, right? The answer is definitely YES. We created this list of the 3 best cute necklaces for women right now to help you find the perfect necklace for you. We will include the links to all products so you can easily purchase them if you find something you like. And hey, don't worry if you're on a budget, all the featured necklaces are surprisingly affordable! 

Let's start with what you're all here for; the list of the 3 most cute necklaces for women. Make sure to check out the honorable mentions as well at the end of the article for a couple of cute extra necklace styles.



Choker necklaces are very short necklaces that are barely longer than the diameter of the neck. They appeared again after the '90s and became one of the trendiest necklace styles during 2016. Although their popularity has decreased a little by little, they are still the favorite necklace type of countless women. Even though chokers can be thick and flashy, the cutest choker necklaces are often gold, silver or rose gold chains with crystals or small pendants.

Why do people love choker necklaces? Chokers are great for a couple of reasons. One, they look great with any shirt, with a high or low-cut neckline. Two, they can be made out of many different materials which makes them suitable for any occasion, casual or formal. Three, they are often more inexpensive than longer necklaces, since the smaller length requires less material to make. Four, they are the perfect first layer to a stack of layered necklaces. 

Simple Necklace

Simplicity is a huge trend in jewelry at the moment. Even though it's a trend, simple jewelry and necklaces will never go out of style. Simple designs are often a sign of elegance and good taste. Simple and pretty necklaces go perfectly for all occasions. Less is more is a popular quote for a reason. 

Simple jewelry is often excellent for mixing and matching. If the style is simple and the color is the same, you can easily mix jewelry from different designers and stores. For example, simple necklaces are perfect for layering, especially if you want to layer a miscellaneous set of necklaces from different origins.

Cute Pendant

Pendant necklaces are also very popular at the moment. They can be combined with very thin and delicate chains to create a cute and divine look. You can also wear multiple pendants on one chain, or to mix pendant necklaces and other types of necklaces, like chokers and chains, to create a diverse and unique combination.

Some like to wear a pendant because of its specific meaning, and some like to wear one just for its beauty. There are a lot of different pendants and pendant necklaces on the market. The most popular ones, that are also the most classic ones, are heart pendants, name or letter pendants, and cross pendants. If you want something more special, choose a pendant necklace with some deeper meaning to you. 

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