Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter


Fluffy White Dog Licking Peanut Butter off a spoon

Most people love peanut butter, and millions of children can testify to the fact that when they were little, they ate peanut butter sandwiches. Some love it with jam, some with delicious maple syrup or honey. And you probably have had your dog or cat looking longingly at the jar, hoping you will share this delight with them. It’s used for heaps of things too, from shaving cream, to cleaning leather, to trap mice, cockroaches, and ants, or to eliminate squeaks, and much more.


But what about Doggo?

People say peanut butter has health benefits so that must mean your dog can eat it too, can’t he? We know that peanut butter has health benefits, but this doesn’t mean it is entirely safe to use for your dog. Why so? Did you know that some kinds of peanut butter, with all the new health crazes we are going through in recent times, has xylitol added into it? You must have heard of Xylitol before and it’s poisonous to your dog. As a sugar substitute, you will find it in breath mints, sugarless gums, chewable vitamins, toothpaste, etc. It might be safe for humans to eat but it can be very, very toxic for your dog. Studies report that xylitol is a hundred times more toxic than chocolate! With the health craze to cut back on sugar, xylitol is being used as the substitute, and it is poisoning our pets!


Xylitol in peanut butter for dogs is a deadly combination

If you stay up to date on the latest news in dog health, you've likely heard of xylitol and accidental dog poisoning on the rise in the United States - caused by xylitol.

This sugar substitute is often found in many baked goods and candies too and we have heard how much more toxic it is than chocolate for a dog. Having a home free from xylitol is the way to go if you want to prevent your dog from accidentally eating this dangerous ingredient.


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