Calculating Obamas Clout Points


Its no question that US former president Barrack Obama had clout! This dude was not only killing it in the white house, but he had swag along with it. We all wanted to hang out with this dude at one point whether you supported him or not. To understand why obama was cool, we calculated his clout points.

Clout: 100pts

Body language like he belongs in the mannequin isle at a retail store, wearing a fresh flight jacket, the hangin' loose hands, and a face straight out of toothpaste commercial, this dudes clout is reaching new heights.



Kristoffer Tripplaar-Pool/Getty Images

Clout: 69pts

This is self explanatory.

Clout: 300pts

Only a few men can look like they can beat your ass while chewing a snow cone. Not only does obama look like a badass but he might be the toughest dude in the world based on this picture. 


Clout: 500pts

Obama wearing that 100% pure white fit. Wherever he's headed, best believe hes coming clean and probably making you an offer you won't refuse. Tooth pick in the mouth and a death defying stride, Im not sure how this man stays humble.

Total Clout Points: 969pts


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