Benefits Of Having A Dog In A Work Environment


More and more companies are allowing employees to bring their dogs to the workplace. While this might seem like a distraction, having dogs around at the office can actually have a number of benefits.

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Improved Productivity

Dogs can help boost productivity in the workplace. Employees who bring their dogs with them have to take short breaks in order to take their pets for a walk. Instead of spending long periods of time at their desk, these employees end up being able to work more productively thanks to these short breaks.

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Boost Creativity

Allowing dogs in the workplace are outside the norm, even though it’s becoming more popular. When you let employees bring their dogs to work, it sets up an environment that encourages them to think outside the box. This can lead to fresh ideas for products, services or other projects.


Reduced Stress

Being around dogs has been shown to lead to lower levels of stress and anxiety. When employees have dogs with them at work, they tend to be calmer, even under pressure. This results in happier, healthier employees who aren’t taking as many sick days. Having dogs around be a big help during stressful times at the office, such as preparing for important meetings or finishing up big projects.


Improved Teamwork

Letting employees bring dogs into the office can give co-workers something to bond over. This can end up improving teamwork and encouraging employees to work together more cooperatively on a daily basis, which boosts company morale and productivity.


Getting Your Dog Ready for the Workplace

If you have an employer who allows dogs in the workplace, it’s important to make sure your pet will behave. You can work on obedience training before bringing your dog with you, so you’ll have a well-behaved pet at your feet while you work. Focus on commands such as “sit” and “stay” to prevent your dog from wandering around the workplace or disturbing co-workers while they’re busy. If your dog has behavioral issues, such as jumping on people, you’ll need to work on correcting these problems beforehand.

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